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WOW! That would be cool! I'll see if I can make it. No, I've never touched a blanket or taken a seat, but I've heard stories of people who had! YIKES! My dad always warned me not to touch the blankets or the drums! He was forever pulling me away from the drums. Those drums mesmerised me! lol

The dancing is awesome! I love that women are now allowed to dance in the same arena as the men. I really like the Women's Fancy. I hate to say it, but the other stuff is boring. Oh boy, I think I just heard my female ancestors turning in their graves. They actually had a show last night, on RFDTV, covering a Pow Wow. It was nice to see one televised.

You should expect a really good time! Lots of food and celebrating! It's really nice to be around other Natives.
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