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Got some more.
On the first drop, we let'm go and Sally just drove this track and was very mouthy on it. I thought for sure it was a deer. But it sounded like she located, but then silence. Tanner came treed then in the same area as Sal and as we got there Sally came in and treed. They had it, a nice big'n. Sally for some reason just does not like Tanner, but she's got to get over it.

1st Tree - Tanner & Sally

1st Tree - Coon

This second drop we put one up right by the truck.
2nd Tree - Tanner & Sally

2nd Tree - Coon

We thought we'd cut them in this woods again and Tanner went back up front to work and Sally went deep. She let out a couple track barks and then bawled that she was treed. It was a small tree, but lots of vines. Yep, she had'm! WTG Sal!! Tanner came into us as we were walking back up front, what she was up to is anybody's guess.
3rd Tree - Sally - Couldn't get a good pic of the coon.


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