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Licence Type Cost

Deer and Game Bird Licence (Youth) Resident $9.82

Deer Resident (archery, muzzleloader, shotgun/muzzleloader, general rifle) $34.35
Second Deer (resident) $19.62
Third Deer (resident) $19.62
Non-resident (archery, muzzleloader, general rifle) $147.20
Non-resident alien (archery, muzzleloader, general rifle) [Note] $206.07

Resident (archery, general rifle) $49.07
Resident Conservation Moose Licence Package $78.52
Non-resident $284.58
Non-resident alien [Note] $343.46

Resident $44.16
Second Caribou Licence (resident) $98.13
Non-resident [Note] $343.46
Non-resident alien [Note] $343.46
Second Caribou Licence (non-resident and non-resident alien) [Note] $343.46

Elk Resident $49.07

Black Bear
Resident $29.44
Non-resident $98.13
Non-resident alien [Note] $206.07
Big Game Draw licence application fee $6.87

Game Birds
Resident $20.61
Non-resident $78.51
Non-resident alien $147.20

Wild Turkey
Resident $21.59
Youth (Resident) $4.90

Note: These Non-resident licences are available only through (link opens in new browser window) outfitters.Each outfitter is assessed a $100 resource allocation fee for the use of each licence sold.
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