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Default Tips and Tricks

Saw this on another site and thought it was a good idea. Maybe even to make it a "sticky" thread.

Any little Tips or Tricks you have picked up along the way that you don't share with many people?

All I use anymore are single pin sights. I sight it in out to 60 yards. When I'm in a tree stand I range the furthest I can take a shot and where I figure they will be. I then set my site somewhere in between. I won't move the site again. Most modern bows will only be high or low a couple inches out to 30 yards. So teach yourself to aim for the lungs (center mass) and you will be good. I always use a range finder and range a few trees and rocks so I have a good idea of how far my shots are. Really long shots require more care, but out to 25 you will be good.

No more "I used the wrong pin" excuses!

Better site window!

This is just the way I do it. Hope it helps someone!
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