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Default Ever feel like you're on a wheel??

This trip has been wrought with moments of excitement, followed by days of despair and angst, then right back up the adrenaline pole again!

Cale asked me other day what ironic meant. All I could was laugh. Once I got control, I told him this:

Well Cale, Ironic is a descriptive word. It's based on the word irony.

(I got the blank stare, so I changed tactics)

Think of it in terms of this: We blew through all of our savings to get set up. We paid for all the gear we need to go on the trip. We paid for the bows, the cases, the shafts, the targets, the sights. We searched forever to find the right place with people that would be helpful. We paid for the hunt in full. We made arrangements to go see your great grandfather on the way, and gave him something to look forward to. We practiced like crazy every night, swapped out equipment when it was defective, and spent a ton of money all for this trip. What we didn't do... and this is the irony of the story... was have a plan for the worst case scenario.

(Again the blank state)

We didn't plan on your mom needing a Gall Bladder surgery, (why would someone plan for that anyways). We didn't plan on our bills suddenly flying through the roof, the price of gas increasing exponentially, etc. etc. etc. So we didn't have a good plan for funding the actual trip down there. Not one. When it came time to pay for the mileage... well.. we blew it.

We prepared like crazy for everything except how to get down there. That's ironic.

(He got it)

That was then. As fate would have it... (and I realize I may be tempting it right now) we found the money for the trip. I don't know how... I don't care how... but the wheels have aligned themselves and although things will be kinda tight, we're going for it. Period. Damn the torpedoes, as it were.

Since we have roughly 2 weeks to the day until we pack up the van and head south-east... I will set the following expectations:

Either my next update will include details of a fun trip down, followed by an up to the minute desciption of the hogs and their demise....

or you will read my obituary.

Either, I hope will be written eloquently.

::heavy sigh::
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