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Does your wife not like the flavor of venison or the idea of what she's eating?

When fixing any venison, you should always remove any bone, fat and the "silver stuff" from the meat. All 3 cause the meat to taste different.

Personally, I like to take a whole hind quarter apart, piece by piece and marinate the pieces with a hickory marinade and carribean(sp?) jerk rub. Cook on a grill until the center gets to around 160 degrees. The meat will be somewhere between medium and ,medium rare. Just slice in 1/2'' pieces, after it rests for a few minutes. Served up with steamed broccoli and mashed taters!!!! DANG!!!!!!!

Another cooking method is the crockpot. Again, remove all of the "stuff" and put the meat in a crockpot along with a can of beef broth. I like to pepper the meat before adiing the vegegies. Add some baby peeled carrots, quartered potatoes and a sliced SWEET onion. Put the lid on it, turn it on medium low and go on about your business. You can cook this all day while at work. You can thicken the broth with some cornstarch if you like.

I hope one of these work out for ya.

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