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Seriously.......I have seen(BIGFOOT). All joking aside. When i was 15 years old I was walking (near dark) I could hear something following behind me, every step I took, it would take a step. The hair on the back of my neck was standing straight-up. Now I am very very scared, I did not know what could be following me. I was in the middle of nowhere, no weapon and alone! The more I walked the closer it got. I could tell it was big whatever it was, I had no place to hide.
Now it is nearly dark, so I grab for my flashlight....but it is not there. Now I was trembling with fear, the thing was getting closer and closer, now only 20 yards from me. When all at once it made a awful mouning sound. I about jumped right out of my shoes. So I started running as fast as I could, back home. But it was closing in on me. Then all at once I fell over a log, and twisted my knee. Laying there in pain and in fear....the thing was 2 yards from me standing behind a small tree. I could see a huge creature staring into my eyes. I was trembling, not able to move fearing for my life!!!! then........ made a awful sound and charged me, I braced myself fore the worse.I thought that this was the end!!!!! It grabed me and threw me like a rag doll...I tried to get up but my leg would not work, then it charged again.. I could smell a real ripe odor coming from the creature.....then all at once I realized that the creature was acually my hairy, stinky
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