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Default For the hard core boar hunter

You want action? You want heart stopping thrills? You want to be on the edge of wetting your pants?

Here is my account of what happened. Preacher and I were doing some work at the ranch. When we got to the gate this evening we were welcomed by the euro's. At less than 10 feet, a hog walked up to me that I thought was a euro but I could not see the tag.

It turned sideways and I realized it was a boar that was as big as the euro sows which weigh well over 250#. His mane went up and he reared up on his toes and went into some kind of territorial strut. I grabbed the .243 and went around the jeep to get a better look. The boar bolted towards preacher who jumped up on the hood.

I jacked one in the barrel and the boar turned and charged me. Before I could get the gun to my shoulder, he darted back in the woods at mere feet from where I was standing. I stood there trying to figure out what just happened when he came busting out of the woods again mere feet from where I was standing and ran across the road to deeper woods.

I don't mind telling y'all, that boar got the best of me. He scared the crap out of me. I have been confronted by baors many times out here but never have I had one act like this. I reckon Preacher will chime in and give his account. He was on the other side of the jeep so I don't really know what he saw. I just know that all the way home I was shaking.
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