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Originally Posted by Redeye View Post
So I bought 12 brand spankin' new MFX 400's off of an ebay store. They cut and installed the inserts for me. However, the inserts are HIT (Hidden Insert Technology) and are supposed to be pushed within the end of the shaft about a half inch. Guess what? The inserts are flush with the end of the shaft and there's now way I'm going to be able to get the inserts out. If I cut the arrows, they will be about 26.5 inches and that's too short for me.

I paid, with shipping, $90.00 for these arrows and the seller has pulled off of ebay completely.

If they won't let you return them, which would be plain stupid, then you can do this:

Get a field point, pair of pliers, a lighter and propane torch.

Light the torch (if you don't have a torch you can use the lighter, it'll just take longer) and start heating the field point. BE CAREFUL! Too much heat will crack the shaft! Also, do not let the flame touch the shaft! I roll the saft between my fingers while I draw the point back and forth over the torch. About every 30 seconds or so, give the field point a pull with the pliers. Once the glue has been heated thoroughly, you will be able to remove the insert. At this point, check the shaft for cracks and splinters. If all is well, scrape the inside to clean out the glue and clean off any glue that's left on the insert. If you don't have the tool to install the insert (yes they make a tool for it) your pro shop should have one you can use.

Just take your time and it should work out just fine for you.
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