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I know what you mean about the straight arm thing feeling natural. I felt the same way, until I tried bending my arm, like my bow tech advised. I shortened my draw to where I felt the most comfortable. My groups really tightened up after that! I had to switch from a single spot target to a 5 spot target, because I kept messing up my arrows. One Robin Hood...holy cow! Two Robin! Three Robin I'm getting mad!! I just lost 20 bucks in arrows!

lol...give the bent arm a try. Have your bow tech shorten your draw an inch or so and see how that feels. Believe it or not, most people are overdrawn. When I first started I was at 29 inches!! Yikes!! I am now at 28 1/2 inches which is much better for me. I'm more stable. The half inch really made a diffeerence.
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