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The name of the game is to fill the frame... Blur the background using a larger aperture setting, f2.8, 1.4, or 4.1 depending on the size of your lens, use a lower ISO like 100, again fill the frame with your subject, (either zoom in or move up) the rest is just a distraction, like others have said, sunlight over the subjects shoulder so it is not in his eyes, shoot eary in the morning or later in the evening or in the cover of shade so as to avoid harsh shadows and blownout highlights, use a fill flash, preferabally an add on flash with a diffuser, you can also use a filter like a polarizing filter for dark blue skies, or a warming filter to add a bit of warmth to the picture. Also never place your subject in the middle of your compisition, use the rule of thirds and always make sure your subject is looking into the frame not out of it. The best overall advice I had ever received was Compact Flash Cards are cheap and hold alot of pictures so shoot multiple pictures using different settings and filters put them on the computer and decide what one you like bes by studying the meta-data of the photograph. Shoot, shoot, shoot some more and shoot even more yet and pull them into photoshop and work with them from there...
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