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Hog hunting you say? GOOD MAN! I've been hunting those critters for the past decade or so. Wish I knew about it a decade before that!

It's fun, fast, and furious if you hunt over hound. Spot and stalk those buggars and you'll think whitetail are second to the hogs. The ol' porker has an accute sense of smell and will stop on a dime if it picks up your scent. Eye sight is debatable, but don't think they're blind.

If you're looking to bowhunt hogs, email me. I organize the largest hog hunt in the U.S. each spring in TN. Actually I had to move the dates up from the normal first week of March which is a great time to hunt them to early February this year.

Actually, Ralph and Vicki donated a PILE of goodies for our hunt last March as it marked our 10th anniversary hunt.

Once you hunt them, you could be hooked! I was, and I still can't shake that pork-monkey from my back!

My email addy is:
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