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Originally Posted by Monie View Post
Congrats on the new bow!!!

At this point, don't worry about being a terrible shot. Work on your form, first and foremost. Hit the same anchor point(s) EVERY time.The more you have, the better off you'll be! I put the knuckle of my index finger right behind my ear (1st anchor point). Then, I make sure my nose in on the string (2nd anchor point). I also like to feel the serving at the corner of my mouth (3rd anchor point). Finally, I tuck the fletch in the crease that's between my chin and bottom lip (4th anchor point).

You will continue to build muscle memory every time you shoot. Hitting your anchor points and good muscle memory are vital to shooting consistantly. I'm sure you're aware by now that you use different muscles to shoot. If I shoot a lot, I really feel it in my back and my ribs!

The next thing to work on is following through. Just like throwing a ball, you have to follow through when you shoot. Once you release your arrow, don't move until you see the arrow hit. If you drop your bow arm before you arrow hits, chances are that you'll throw off the flight of that arrow.

I have no doubt that you're a strong guy, but you should consider dropping your draw weight to 60 or even 55. Starting out, you want to work on your form and that's hard to do if you're worn out after 20 shots. Remember, a 35 pound bow will drop a deer in it's tracks!

I'm wondering how tall you are. Your draw seems long. Although, there is a guy, tall as the day is long, that goes to the same shop I go to and he uses 32 inches!! You want to shoot your bow kind of like you shoot a gun; with a slightly bent elbow. It offers more support, you get more consistant groups and most importantly, you don't smack your arm!

On your eye dominance, you can get an eye patch. It'll take a few weeks, but you can train your right eye to become dominant. I know of several people who shoot with an eye patch. They say it's easier than trying to close one eye. lol

Ok, I'm done rambling...for now.
I'm working on identifying anchor points that work for me. I'm going to try yours out this evening.

65# is actually not that challenging to draw, and let-off is 80% on this particular bow. I'm 6'1", and arm span is around 74". What should I look for that would indicate whether my draw length is set too long?

I'll try the bent arm and eye patch. I'm also going to get with the local 3D range and have one of the employees give me some good beginner's lessons, watch my form and so forth. I'm going to get this bow thing down one way or another.
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