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Default filming your own hunts

Hey what do you hunters think of this??

I have been getting equipment together to start filming my own hunts this fall with my Sony Handycam. Seeing this new product from Stealth Cam made me regret ordering a camera arm for the same price I could have got this Epic camera for. Not too mention less equipment to haul into the woods and so forth. This will make a great addition for my goose hunts and other action activities!! I am not trying to shoot quality video for television purposes, so this is right up my amatuer alley! Plus I think that having the ability to be mobile that I won't miss any impact shots that I would have with a camera arm being stationary as I am shooting the critter. SO if it walks out of the view, all you will hear, hopefully, is THWAP! But with this Epic, your going to hear and see THWAP!
Let me know your thoughts on this camera.
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