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Originally Posted by firediver View Post
I also used the lil' bag(s) on my way to Mirage's Clearwater Camp. I have never gotten sick before on a plane and I definitely made up for lost time on the flight from the main lodge to camp.

All I had to eat all day was a few chocolate chip cookies at the lodge while we got our permits.

There was a good side to the story I chucked the cookies into the bag, the chocolate chips would get stuck in my teeth. Believe me, there was plenty of chocolate to "sweeten" my breath.

I knew I was in trouble 15 minutes into the flight. I've never been on such a rough the plane smelled like a dumpster. They must have made a garbage run recently.

I stripped down to a t-shirt and even pulled my sweatpants up to my knees in an attempt to cool down. I then concentrated on my breathing and tried to sync my breaths with the ups and downs of the plane.

I still wasn't convinced that I was gonna' hurl......but grabbed a bag just in case. When I opened the bag, it was obvious that someone had already used it, dumped it out and put it back in the envelope.

Too funny,,,,It was my buddy that used the bag,,,however I had to pee so bad I thought I would explode...

We hunted just past Clearwater at the Nasatopoca camp;;
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