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Default Smallmouth

Finally got down on the river last nite. Temps in the high 90s has made the water warm up quick this year. Just right for a pair of tennis shoes and shorts. I didn't have but a short while before dark and had the need to get away from the house,so I went fishing. Wasn't there but about an hour,but man it was nice. Nothing but me and the river. That gurgling of water running over rocks sure is peaceful.

I caught 3 smallies while there and missed about 6 more(some of which were probably bream). The smallies were between 10 and 14 inches. They were knocking the heck out of a 4'' greenpumpkin lizard. Maybe I'll get back down there this week sometime.

Fishing and hunting are the best kinds of therapy I know of !!

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He took me!
Thanks Dad.
Wish you were here.

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