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Check your local regs, to make sure what's legal. I've heard CO has got some different restrictions on muzzleloaders. When it comes to modern muzzleloaders, personally I like the inline syle muzzloaders, that have the percussion cap inline with the powder charge. Older styles had them off to the side of the barrel. Also, most new guns are set up to shoot 209 shotshell primers as an ignition source (this seems to be the most reliable) they used to use #11 percusion caps, and another style but I can't rember the name now. Some of the newer guns have the capability to shoot smokeless powders, but again some states only allow for blackpowder, or blackpowder substitutes such as pyrodex or Triple7. You might want to consider a stainless barrel to better resist the corrosive nature of blackpowder and its substitutes. Also I like fiber optic sights for states that don't allow scopes during muzzleloader season.

I currently shoot a T/C omega synthetic thumbhole stock, stainless barrel, 3-9 scope, 300 gr. hornady xtp's, 2- 50 gr. American Pioneer Powder pellets, and remington muzzleloader 209 primers. It's a pretty clean setup, and pretty accurate too, I'd say 1 1/2 -2 inch groups at 100 and 4-5 inch at 200.
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