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glad to see you. Monie will make some honey comb cookies. Lisa will take your picture. firediver will tend to your medical needs. bullmoose will ask a lot of questions. great white hunter, nate, and preacher will tend to the hog hunting... oh and firediver and firediver jr (no relation that we know of) can talk hog too. gary and tracy will make sure we have a playpen. ladybowhntr and tim will talk bowfishing. timba, yogi, tlc and a whole bunch of others are the bear professionals... adam, cooner, holly, brian, huntnma, lisa, youngbuck83, (especially those last 2) firediver, and jr too I think...bullmoose.... well a whole mess of people are turkey whackers...god I know I'm missing a bunch of others... sorry others...

I just take up valuable space... but so far they seem to tolerate me...

These are some of the most knowlegable, open, friendly people around. you'll like it here.

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