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Originally Posted by HurricaneCreek View Post
This is one item I will be replacing for this year, but which one to buy? I have never had a good quality pair and I am looking for a compact, lightweight model. Rodney482 mentioned Vortex in another thread, I haven't looked at those yet. I've been looking at Steiner & Leopould. What do you all use?

Vortex all the way! The diamondbacks in 8x42 are fantastic for the $ you can get a pair delivered to your door for $209,,,and they are clear and bright.

I used a set of 10x42 diamondbacks on my caribou trip I sat and looked over 1000's of animals for several hours at a time and experience zero eye strain.

I have compared them side by side with the Monarchs and they are very similar but about $70 less expensive and Vortex warranty can not be beat.

I currently own 2 sets of Vipers one set in 8x42 and a set in 8.5x50....The 8x42 are very light and compact...The 8.4's are incredibly bright and clear,,,and I would put them up against european glass any day...and I am a past owner of the those green $2000 binoculars....

If you have any questions fell free to ask.
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