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Default '05 Martin Panther Magnum 60# Set Up

Can't get my new bow out of layaway until I sell this one.

60# Martin Panther Magnum
Truarc Cam System
Tru-glo Stabilizer
Copper John Dead Nuts Mossy Oak Camo 3-Pin site (with an extra pin)
Copper John Sight Light
Inline 1/4" peep
Limbsaver dampeners and string leeches
Wrist Sling
6 Carbon Express Arrows (I'll even wash the blood off)
Plano Case (well used but works fine)
All for 375 TYD

Original SRP for this bow was 528.00 as listed in '05 Archer's Bible on Page 172.

I'll even throw in the Hawglite except I can't send the Hawglite until I can afford to get the new one coming out.

It is the bow in this pic but with the Copper John Sight on it. I want to keep my Cobra Sidewinder sight that Colorado Rick and Colorado Cheri gave to me.
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