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Started around five years ago shooting an PSE Deer Hunter. Then two years later switched to an PSE Triton never even hunted with it because a couple of months later I bought an 07 Reflex Growler. By that time the bug was caught, and I started to buy an try different bows. Needless to say I still have the Reflex Growler and have an 07 Vulcan on order right now. In the process of selling an 02 Bowtech Patroit and maybe trading an 04 Bowtech Patroit Daully for an 07 Whisper Creek Sweet Demise.

Just been reserching the Sweet Demise but can't find alot on it right now. Anyone have any information about this bow?

I have tried alot of bows but one thing is forsure my hunting rigs will always be Reflex or Hoyts, tried tested and proven deadly in my hands.

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