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Tony has a Gamemaster on order for me, I ordered a 60# hopefully I didn't over bow myself....I just like the extra weight for speed and energy.

I bought a couple used recurves from a buddies dad a few years back. One was an AMF that the limb broke on me while strung. The other was a bear of some sort 53# practiced a ton with it (50-60 arrows 4 times a week) and took it bear hunting with me. I shot a 315# boar with it, and got penetration to the feathers. I loved it, but am hesitant to take it to the whitetail woods....afraid I'd have a stud walk by at 30 yards and be out of range! I'm going to try bowfishing this spring to build up strength, then start practicing with it and maybe get the nerve to try it this fall.
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