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Default I'm going Hog'n!!!!

Tonight will probably be my last sit at a computer before I leave for Texas so I thought I would warn you that the "forum fire prevention officer" will be gone until Tuesday.

Joe Rush and I are heading to Missouri on Thursday to meet up with three more guys for a gas guzzling trip to Amarillo Texas. We will be hunting for three days armed with our Hoyts, Ten Point crossbows, and TC muzzleloaders.

I've never hunted hogs before and it has been over 30 years since my last trip to Texas. Last time I was there the waitress wouldn't let me order a TALL COLD ONE to go along with my steak. Things will be different this time

I like trying new things and I'm really looking forward to this hog hunt. I'm also excited about making some new friends.

Wish me luck and get ready for a pig roast when I get back.
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