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As a one time professional photographer I would use 100 to 200 speed film. Shutter speed & aputure would be what your meter reads. Using a flash is called fill flash & it fills in all the shadows with light. I use it all the time. Taking pictures in a shadow will give you softer more saturated colors & softer light. Using a fill flash will take care of the modeling. One of the biggest mistakes people make when taking a photograph is not getting down on the level of the subject being taken. The lower the camera angle the bigger the subject will be. Look at all the pictures in magazines & look how big the bear head look.
That is because of the camera angle & if it means laying down on the ground lay down on the ground. Make a smaller frame to cut down on the background & focus more on the subject. If its not auto focus then focus on the eyes. If anyone has any questions feel free to contact me I would be glad to help.
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