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Originally Posted by Monie View Post
Thanks, everyone. know, I really should have had the butt taxied as well. I could have put that sucker on the opposite side of the wall!!!! Yep...I'd be here at the desk, deep in thought and look up to see an antelope butt.

Antelope Butt. Byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Mennen.

Though on second thought, that sounds like something the goofballs here would try to name a beer.

"Hey Sally! How about you bring me an Antelope Butt!"

"Ya know that Antelope Butt is on the Happy Hour menu. Two for one!"

"Well Dang I didn't know that! I'll have two Antelope Butts then!"

Antelope Butt... not just for hunters anymore.

(God I need help)
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