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Default This is the dumbest thing...

So we've got Cheri and Cale's bows all set for hunting. They are doing pretty decent groups, and we've moved on now to shooting 5 dots. Here we go..

Bubble Gum & Duct Tape moment #1

Can't find ANY 5-dot paper.... for Archery. Lots for rifle... none for archery.
So I grab 2 packs of 50 yard rifle targets and pin them to the layered foam. TINY dot's... to be sure... but boy do they make ya focus in. So... it was dumb... but not so dumb.

Bubble Gum & Duct Tape moment #2

We've watched a few hog videos now and I think I have the general movements down. Well all we have are static targets... They don't move. So Cheri and I shooting last night, and it hits me... "Make the target move."

Nothing more than that... no grand vision like in "Field of Dreams"... Oh no. Now we're at the mercy of my ingenuity. Lord...

Well Cale and I tie 2 lines to the middle of the target and pull. Blop! Face first into the grass. DANG!! I gotta keep this thing from falling over somehow. I spot some old bed slats we were using for some darn thing and they look like skis. SKIS! Yeah! So I quick change a drill bit and drive the bed slats into the wood base of the target in 2 places. Looks like a fat little guy on grass skis now. Cale and I lash in the pull strings at the tips of the skis and bang... 1 mobile taget.

The cool thing is we can pull in tandem, we can pull alternately, we can change the speed and everything, and the shooter has no idea what we're gonna do next, but he/she has to wait for the right shot... a dot.. to present and WHAM!

I'll have pics up soon, because you gotta see this ghetto nightmare... but it worked really well. Cheri got all tight-chested on the first try, saying it really added a level of difficulty she had only been able to imagine. She of course hit the kill zone 2 time out of 2. That's my girl!

Cale went 3 for 3 before it got too dark on us, and the neighbors already thought we were nuts... so... its all good I guess.

Has anyone else tried a makeshift moving target like this yet?

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