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Terry - I'd love to have you come down. I'm sure Nate would appreciate the visit too. It'd be a great time!

For all who don't know Terry has invited me to write a monthly article for his website. The page will be called Hog Wild and will be dedicated to hunting hogs with a bow. I am extremely excited about my foray into outdoor writing. I have a great passion for writing, having written a full length poetry book, a children's book, and a western novel (slowly). This is an opportunity to marry two of my greatest passions. I will have opportunities to write about hunting hogs, ethics and strategies regarding hogs, educational information about hogs, and even about outfitter experiences and product testing/reviews. I don't know if he's put it out there yet or not but it's at . His site's coming along well. No, I have not posted my bio or first article yet. My first article will most likely be on my hunt at Nate's to include a little educational info. But I am pretty darned excited about the opportunity. Who knows where that will lead me on down that winding road.

Rick and Cheri are coming to visit us in July. Can't wait for that. I'm not working my Gander job tonight so I'm hoping to get the footage on DVD's tonight so we can start messing with it.

Nate, I left a lot of our afternoon out so that you could put your own unique spin and .35 cents worth in there. So, come on wit' it!
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