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Jealous doesn't begin to cover it.

I called Kevin earliler in the day to lament (whine) about my latest shaft issues and got his voice mail. I thought I got the voice mail because he was working. I gues he was working alright... workin at droppin some bacon!

So Cheri and I are in the basement paper-testing the latest installment of underspined shafts and my phone rang. It's Kevin. Not more that 35 seconds after I answered I hear someone yell into the phone "Man! Wish you guys were here! You'd a had a blast!" It wasn't Kevin.

Those three were all kinda fired up! It was cool to hear about the hunt, and moreso the three of them whoopin it up after. Plus it was nice to know that when we do get down there, we're going to be among friends.

Cool piggie buddy!

Oh yeah... so Kevin is on his way home, and stops off at a conveniece store to wash some of the blood from his hands, and you can hear in the background someone talking about hog hunting! Plus... NOONE and I mean NOBODY freaks out because this guy walks in with blood on him. Not even a blink.

You try that out here, as I told Kevin, you'd come out of the restroom with at least 7 little red dots at center-mass and a bright light in your eyes.

Gotta love Texas!

Can't wait to get down there - shafts or no shafts!
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