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I also used the lil' bag(s) on my way to Mirage's Clearwater Camp. I have never gotten sick before on a plane and I definitely made up for lost time on the flight from the main lodge to camp.

All I had to eat all day was a few chocolate chip cookies at the lodge while we got our permits.

There was a good side to the story I chucked the cookies into the bag, the chocolate chips would get stuck in my teeth. Believe me, there was plenty of chocolate to "sweeten" my breath.

I knew I was in trouble 15 minutes into the flight. I've never been on such a rough the plane smelled like a dumpster. They must have made a garbage run recently.

I stripped down to a t-shirt and even pulled my sweatpants up to my knees in an attempt to cool down. I then concentrated on my breathing and tried to sync my breaths with the ups and downs of the plane.

I still wasn't convinced that I was gonna' hurl......but grabbed a bag just in case. When I opened the bag, it was obvious that someone had already used it, dumped it out and put it back in the envelope.

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