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I have tried feathers and they work but I like the blazer vanes the best so far. Now I just order some flex fletch flash vanes to test and from what I've read they should be equal to if not better than the Blazer vanes. I have tried the duravanes and some others but the blazer to me control BH just fine.

Yes I have tried the Quikspin in 4", 3" and the 2" and they all work fine as well but I had a lot of vane damage from them curling and waving on me. Plus some field point damage from too tight of grouping shots. The other thing is the FOC with these vanes is questionable because they are heavier. I never bought the ST version nor the new Twister version. I have seen on the AC show that Ralph and Vicki were using them and they have some colors we all can't get yet. I think the lack of color choices is holding back the marketing of these vanes. Just my .02

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