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Some Bowtech's do have some hand vibration and the valley on some can be pretty deep, one reason I don't like them. However, I do shoot the Diamond Liberty which, as most of you know, is made by Bowtech and I think it's a great bow simply because it's smooth to draw and feels darn good in the hand. I like a smooth draw and I'm not that worried about speed. If your form is poor and you can't hit a target, a fast bow won't help you.

With that being said, I do like the Hoyts. They fit really good in the hand and shoot really well. I, personally, love how comfortable they are to hold and to shoot. So, why'd I go with the Diamond instead of a Hoyt? Simple, it was all my archey shop carried and I wasn't about to pay $150 extra to get a Hoyt from the shop down the street. When asked why their prices were so high, the owner replied, "Because people pay it."

Like bullmoose said, if you have the opportunity to shoot both, do so.

Anyway, that's my 2 cents.
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