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I have the redhead Kryptik, made for Basspro by Bowtech. I had my eye on the Black Ice and the Rock, both by Diamond, and I agree with Bull... huge wall on both. I shot the Guardian, too, and then my friend says "Here. I just set this one up. Try it out and see what you think." It was the Kryptik. It's modeled after the Diamond Marquis, so I thought it was going to have the same issue, but it doesn't. Very smooth all the way back, and it doesn't have that suprise let off I noticed with the Rock especially, as the cams roll over. The first draw and shot I knew it was the bow for me, but I still took 2 weeks to get to the decision completely. I called Bowtech in the mean time and asked a ton of questions. They were very helpful and although I caught them at a bad time, they answered everything.

The other thing I noticed, and this purely personal observation, is the grip never felt right with the Black Ice and the Rock. It felt like I had this huge power above and below my hand, but this teeny little stick in my palm. I guess that sounds strange, but I never felt like I had control of the bow because the grip was too small.

I don't know squat about the Hoyt's other than the name is HUGE and carries a ton of respect, but the Kryptic was the bow for me.
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