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Default Bow buying decision... Need Help!!!

I am a dedicated Hoyt shooter and have been since I started shooting a bow and I have started hearing alot about Bowtech and the bows that they produce. I am shooting a Trykon right now and have got to know it like it is an extension of my arm but I am always looking for ways to improve my shooting and I have heard great things about the Katera and have been thinking about buying one until I got an offer to trade my TC Encore for a 07 Bowtech Guardian. After much research on both bows (both good and bad of course) I still cannot come to a conclusion on what to do. Is there any one out there that has shot both bows or any opinions on either bow? Something inside of me says to stay true and go with the Katera, and something says to try something new and go with the guardian...
Jeff Mayne
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