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What the heck was that???

Now that I've seen that, and the Mooise Mania vid... I gotta ask...

Are moose blind? In MM, the guides all walk around with boat oars on their heads. Now I understand why they smack the trees with the oars, because it sounds like a moose moving through the brush... But when I saw the guide put the oars over his head, and really when Vicki put her BOW on her head, I stopped thinking "These people are nut-jobs" and started to wonder if moose are dang near blind.

So now you post this video of a moose stopping by a hunter's position for a quick oral exam with a broad-head, and I have to ask... Are the blind, or is this a case where they are just not exposed to man enough to fear him?

I gotta know... it's driving me nuts!
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