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Default 2" Vanes

I've been using the 2" Blazer's, and haven't had any problems. I glue them close to the nock, and straight (no right twist), the same as a 4" vane, and haven't found a need to try to move them down the shaft. Now I do use a drop-away rest, and I also use white reflective arrow wraps, which I cut in half before applying, and this leaves about of inch above and below the vane. The reflective arrow wraps work great for filming and for night recovery, but as far as the 2" vanes, they work great for me. I did meet someone with the same white on white set-up, and he stagered one vane 1/2" lower to make it easy to find his "cock" vane, and shot very well with them. I prefer to just put a small "x" on my "down" vane with a marker. Good Luck and God Bless
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