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Originally Posted by cpd realpolice View Post
Recently fred eichler got the grand slam with a recurve. I think they called it the north american grand slam. I thought they said it was 13 animals but not sure.
Ahhh...that's the North American Super Slam

There are 28 animals on the list.

Brown Bear
Black Bear
Grizzly Bear
Polar Bear
Barren Ground Caribou
Central Canada Barren Ground Caribou
Mountain Caribou
Woodland Caribou
Quebec Labrador Caribou
Canada Moose
Shiras Moose
Alaska Yukon Moose
Stone Sheep
Dall Sheep
Bighorn Sheep
Desert Bighorn Sheep
Mountain Goat
Columbian Blacktail Deer
Sitka Blacktail Deer
Whitetail Deer
Coues Deer
Mule Deer
Roosevelt Elk
American Elk
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