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Hey ya'll! I'm way up North tonight in Salt Lake City, UT, feeling a little outa' place.

Anyway Coodster,

While Nate is a good friend of mine (Randy as well) I would not suggest Nate's place if I didn't believe in what he's doing aside from our friendship. Nate and Randy are the finest guys around. Their character, hospitality, and sense of ethics are unquestionable. The way they are with customers is the way they are with friends. There is no show. Further, the place is not the ritz. But, if you want to spend time with guys that will treat you like family...If you want to spend time with guys that care more about giving you gret memories than anything else...if you want excellent opportunities on hogs and a complete Lone Star experience then 4D is your place and Nate is your guy. Don't just take my word for it, go there, see for yourself. Who knows, maybe I can get there to visit ya too! Also, I can not think of anyone more knowledgeable on hogs than Nate in our forum or a number of others. He knows his stuff and is always willing to impart it to those who have an interest.

You can always PM me with any questions about hogs, Nate or anything else. If you don't want to go see Nate I'll help you find another place.

Hope this helps!
Warm regards,


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