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Almost 30 years ago, My wife(gal friend at the time) and I went into a hardware store out in the country for something or the other. Standing there in the rack, right inside the door, was a rifle that caught my eye. I couldn't stop myself! I picked it up, opened the bolt, looked inside, shouldered it and asked the store owner "How much?". I walked out 30 minutes later with a rifle, scope/mounts, 2 boxes of ammo and a pissed off gal friend. I don't think we got whatever it was we were supposed to be getting in the first place!

I still got both. The rifle and my best friend ever(even though the pissed off part still raises it's head occassionally), my wife. The rifle is a Interarms MarkX in 243. I wished I'd kept records of the numbers of deer and groundhogs I've killed with it! A season doesn't pass that it's not out and there hasn't been but one season when I didn't get a deer with it. That year I decided to handgun hunt only and didn't kill anything but time.
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