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Ummm... Coodster. Keep in mind, I haven't seen this place... I've only seen reports on the place.

I've never met Nate or Preacher, but I've talked to Tina, Nate's wife.

I've read and read and read about place after place after place. I have not read SO MANY positive things on multiple websites, SO MANY positive reports, and someone... no TWO PEOPLE came from MAINE.... the state WAY OUT NORTH... where the pilgrams landed... to hunt with Nate and Randy.

IF you need one more ringing reason... see my thread under User Hunts titled First Target: HOG. period

Ralph and Vicki go to Florida. I don't know squat about the guy they use, but I do know that without knowing me, or my situation, Nate ponied up a freebie to my daughter. What's that tell ya about the guy?
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