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2" blazers work well for me with my WB. Straight vanes work best for me. Don't worry about "2 degrees right helical" setups, etc. Perhaps that's better suited for tournament target shoots.

The WB will wear on your vanes some, that's inevitable. If you don't want to ever entertain the 2.50 per arrow it costs to refletch them you can do them yourself or perhaps get a different rest. The QAD 360 That Rick mentioned is good. There are also good arrow-arresting drop-away rests such as the Ripcord rest or Vital Bow Gear has a great one too (probably my next rest). You can also pay 5 bucks for a crimp to put on your bow. It hold your arrow in place until you begin your draw. It is meant as an arrow-arrestor for regular drop away rests. Keep in mind the crimper only works to hold your arrow while your bow is at its regular resting position. Once you start to draw your on your own with a regular drop-away. Good luck and happy hunting.
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