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Yeah I thought about that too, but looking at what the idea... just the idea mind you... has done for her brother, I think its better for her to go through it this way.

1) It'll give her the idea that if she really wants something... earning it through various methods really isn't that bad.

2) It'll give me an excuse to so something with just us. She digs that kinda stuff and I look good! Cheezy I know... but with step kids this age you take whatever comes down the pike!

So... I don't want to come across like I am sumarily dismissing the idea, because I'm not... and I would love to have 4 of us go... but I had to earn mine by going to work everyday and doing my job. Same for Cheri and Cale. To just give her this would defeat the purpose and re-enforce a lot of stuff I've been combating for over 3 years now.
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