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COOOOL!! A Thread I can actually speak with experience on!!

OK... So we, (wife & myself) shoot WB, however - the son's bow has an arrest type rest... (Say that 5x fast). It makes contact at 3 pointson the shaft only. It's pretty cool. I think an "arrest type" rest like my sons may work better with quick-spins than the WB does.

The problem in addition to the stiffness of the "whiskers" in regards to quick spins is that the vanes usually turn so fast you lose KE. I saw the math on another site that escapes me now, but it's out there.

Now... against advice... I shot 4" vanes through my WB. What I started to see was that the vanes were ruffeling. Sorta like what you see when you look at a Ruffels potato chip. Also... my biscuit now has whiskers going every which way. Obvuisly the 4" vane is out, and I have switched back to the reccommended 2" blazer. Before I got new shafts, I really didn't have any vane issues crop up, other than shooting a broadhead right over the top of another shaft. Then I sliced the thing right off.

There should be a triangle formed at the bottom of the biscuit disc in black whiskers that is harder that the brown ones. That is so the shaft has a place to rest on something stiffer that surrounding hairs. That black area is what destroys the vanes more than anything else, and I put this forth as well, I think the shafts that do see problems are old and possibly not well-kept anyway.

In short... after God knows how many shots, I've not lost a vane yet to the whisker bisuit when I use the proper arrow in the first place.

Hope that helps!
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