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Originally Posted by Adam View Post
Do a Google search for Cameron Hanes and "bear crack". He and friend of his developed this recipe while baiting in Oregon and now on Prince of Wales Island and he says it's by far the best bear attractant he's ever seen.
I managed to find it

Bear Crack Recipe Ingredients: Marshmallows, powdered Jell-O mix, syrup and
granular sugar

1) Fill up a decent-sized pan, one that your wife or girlfriend is not going
to need back I might add, about halfway with marshmallows. Dump in a half a
package of powdered Jell-O mix; add a quart of syrup and a pound or so of

2) Set pan on a single burner propane stove and bring to a slow boil. Stir
while letting the Bear Crack boil. The sweet smelling smoke emitted from
this concoction then wafts through the timber and pulls all those big bear
in like they were on a string. This is some good stuff and once the bears
are hooked, look out. Sometimes there is very little you can do to keep them
from coming to the bait whether youíre ready for Ďem or not.

3) Just for those special occasions, we also have a separate pan to fry up
some bacon while at the bait and then dip it in the Bear Crack. We called
this candied bacon and oh boy, we only do this if there is somebody
available to serve sentry. Those big olí ornery boars can only stand so much
before they just up and decide to crash the baiting party.

4) After the Bear Crack has boiled for about five minutes or so, we dump the
liquefied mixture onto dog food, nearby stumps or anything else in the area
that we donít mind whether it gets torn up or not.
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