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Hey Nate!

Glad you could come my brotha' from anotha' motha'!

Where's my sista' with the ugly feva' blista' (Randy)?

If in anyone is curious as to what ol' Nate looks like he's pretty intimidating with his shaved head and biker 'stache but he's as gentle as they come. He hasn't posted pics that I've seen as of yet but you can see the studly Nate at his website on front page and there are more pics in the gallery.

Randy is the big dopey guy (Former Jarhead - Semper Fi Brother!)

It is great to have you here. Many think I'm the hog master...NOT TRUE!

NATE IS THE ULTIMATE HOG MASTER HERE. He knows what I know about hogs plus put some exponents on that! Plus, he's a heck of a nice guy and good friend to boot.

Nate, give me a call when you get some time so we can talk about "the project". Cheers!
Warm regards,


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