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Hello everyone, my name is Nate. I was given an invite by great white hunter and not sure what y'all call her here but I know her as Dead eye Deb! I was looking over the forum and it looks really nice so I decided to join up. I hope my contributions to this forum will be useful.

I am a hog hunter, I use primarily compound bows which I have designed myself. To me, a big trophy boar is more exciting than a trophy whitetail. Last year I passed on a few bucks that were very nice but you let me see a boar with teeth showing, and he had better make his peace becasue I will be shipping some carbon his way shortly.

I own and operate 4D Outfitters but I am not here to advertise or push hunts on anyone. I will answere any questions to the best of my ability and may post pics of hunts from time to time if that is alright. In short, I love hogs and those who share the same passion and enjoy talking to hog hunting enthuisiasts like myself.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post. I look forward to talking to y'all.

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