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paper tune at about 10 ft you want to know what the bow is doing just after the arrow comes off of it not after it has had time to correct itself, a cushion plunger was used with lots of the old rest that we were shooting 15-20 years ago when most of that stuff was written, look for clearance issues. if none move the rest a little at a time until you get a good hole. next flight or walkback tune, it works better than paper. paper is just a starting point. Sight in at 20yds, back up to 40 or 50 if your arrows group left or right of where they did at 20 move the rest until it hits the sights, you should be getting good flight and your sights at the different distances should come together.

What is your draw weight. What bow are you shooting, some like mathews really like a stiffer spined arrow. if your arrows are 29" long and you are shooting 125gr tips and shooting much over 58-59lbs you are going to be underspinned.
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