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Sorry all! I've been out with a back muscle issue and just got to a point where work is caught up and the back is better!

I appreciate all the input here. As always... you guys come through for me!

I told Kevin Sunday that I think I had it figured out. I was shooting at 8 yards, and all kinda craziness was going on. I monkey'd around with the vanes/nock angle and moved the rest left and right, but it just got worse. I figured "what the heck", and Cale and I moved outside to see what 16 yard shots would tell us. 9 of 12 were bullet holes. The remaining 3 were still pretty good, but had slight right-tail tears.

I'm going to try to get to the range soon, (back and weather willing), and paper-tune at 30 yards just to see what's what. This is really a full time hobby isn't it??

Thanks again for all the help... You all are awesome!
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