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Originally Posted by Colorado Rick View Post
Nice job on the piggies! Ol' Kevin has Cheri and I hot on your heels for 4D. Headed down in July for the same! WOOOHOOO!!

Kevin you need to talk to Nate about a cut of all the action you're gonna send them!
Thank you!!! Kevin is a great PR man. Now they have me as well!!!!! You both will be blessed with a great hunt. If you want meat they got plenty walking around!!! If you want a big bad boar, they have those as well!!!! Let us know if you get to belly crawl or limbo!!!! I didn't have to belly crawl,(neither did Randy!!), but, we did limbo with the 1st one. The 2nd one was nice to us, didin't run off too the thick stuff, how nice of him.!!!
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