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Can't help it! I'm laughing!

Yeah, it kinda sounds like "going to BFE" right?

It's actually a pretty nice place.

Visited them last year the first week of January. We took my son to the beach (he'd never seen the ocean before) - he played ALL day in that water with his regular clothes on (OOPS!) - Had to buy him new clothes on the way back to the beach - Destroyed his clothes! - Had to throw them away at the beach - He was naked as a jaybird in his booster seat - had to cover him up with a coat (which I didn't need that week).

Then we took him to Disneyland. My ma had gotten a new Nikon digital camera (the new HIGH tech one). I swear you'd a though she was papparazzi the way she was taking pics of her grandson. It was a great trip. The weather is perfect there (which explains the 25 million people in that state.

Aside from all the nuts on the road I think you'll really have a good time. There IS great hunting in California (bear, mule deer, blacktail deer, elk, antelope, turkey, hogs, ducks, geese). Unfortunately it's inundated with anti - hunters to the 'nth degree!

Also, contrary to what most believe it is still the largest agricultural state in the country and is MOSTLY untouched country aside from LA, Orange County, San Diego, Oakland, and San Fran it is pretty much just country there.

Hope your coming back to TTHA in DFW again this year. I'd love to see ya'll again!

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Have a great trip! Wave to the folks for me.
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