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Originally Posted by ACM_Ralph View Post
Just got back frrom the ATA show and we are filming a few show openers tomorrow and then I am off to Eagle lake Outfitters down in Pike for my last chance on my buck for the season. I can tell you this, it has been a LONG rough season for me but it all will boil down to the last three days of season and I promise we will keep you in the loop how it turns out. If you all could keep your fingers crossed, I NEED IT.
this story is to be continued.........
Ralph, I have my fingers crossed already, Iím in the same boat your in. But I do wish you the best of luck. Iíll be saying a prayer for you. Something like this ďPlease let Ralph get a big deer, maybe just a little bigger them Vickiís 1Ē or 2Ē is all he needs just so he donít have to lissen to all the small jokes at his expense" . Hope this helps you.
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